Tile & Grout Service

Grout is a very porous material which makes it difficult to clean. Another obstacle to cleaning grout is the various kinds of grout contractors have used over the years, making it difficult to find one solvent cleaner that works for every kind of grout. Do you really want to do the proper process to clean your grout? Recommended for self-cleaning grout is to sweep or dry mop first, then hand & knee scrub on the floor, then to also polish with a dry cloth after. That does not sound fun at all, let our certified professionals do it for you today, our high power professional truck mount system will save you a lot of backaches.


Step 1: Tile Inspection

Our Technician will do an inspection on your tile. If there are any imperfections of your tile and or any noticeable problem areas our technician will go over those with the you.

Step 2: Cleaning

Our Technician will then spray down tile and grout cleaning product along with dwell time and agitation to increase soil and stain removal. Our high-pressure, high temperature, professional truck mount system will be used to clean the porous grout and leaving the tile looking like new.

Step 3: Final Walk Through

Our technician will do a final walk through making sure the tile is drying well and our client is happy with the service.