Increase The Life Span of Your Carpet

Tips on How To Increase The Longevity of Your Carpet:

Dirt:  Dirt is like a thousand blades cutting up your carpet every time there is pressure on the dirt to your carpet.  People are grinding little sharp blades into the fibers of your carpet causing permanent damage to the fibers.  In the long run this is why you start seeing traffic areas being worn.  These important tips will help you prevent the permanent damaged to your carpet and get an extended life expectancy out of your carpet.  

  • Vacuum VERY often – At lease twice a week in all traffic areas and weekly in other areas.  This will pull up dirt to prevent damage and also will reduce soil buildup in the carpet.
  • Vacuum with a CLEAN bag – In a case with a bag-less vacuum ensure that you are cleaning the filter or replacing the filter every 3 months.  With a bag vacuum replace bag when three quarters full do not overfill bag as dirt can begin coming out of the vacuum.
  • DO NOT HURRY – Take your time and ensure you are going over all the areas with care.  If you vacuum too fast you are only getting half the dirt in the carpet, especially with a thicker carpet.
  • Mats – Keep walk off mats inside and outside the home.  Mats defiantly help get rid of dirt and debris off of your shoes before walking on the carpet.  Water absorbent mats will also help to get moisture our of your shoes.
  • Pre-treat stains and high traffic areas – You can use carpet cleaning solutions or just put a drop of detergent with hot water.   Pre-treat the stains and high traffic areas before cleaning your carpet.
  • Carpet Cleaning – Professional carpet cleaners are of course the best, as they do provide better equipment with much more powerful extraction and cleaning elements.  Professional cleaning equipment is able to pull moisture and dirt out of the carpet much more effectively.   If possible get a yearly PROFESSIONAL cleaning.
  • Home Cleaning – You can rent or buy a carpet cleaner as well however some tips when doing yourself:
    • Do Not over saturate your carpet.  Most home cleaning machines do over-saturate the carpet very easily because they do not have the vacuum power needed to get the water out of the carpet properly.  Only go over the area with the water and soap solution one time.  Go over the the same area multiple times without the water just with the extraction to pull all moisture possible out of the carpet.
    • Help the drying process – Open windows and doors if possible to help with air flow.  Anything you can put on the carpet to help the drying process will help you to prevent mold or mildew.  If carpet is too wet or wet too long it will begin to grow mildew spores and you will begin to smell a musty smell.
  • Act Quickly – Do not leave an accident unattended;  staining can usually be prevented with the majority of spills  if you clean it up right after the accident occurred.
  • BLOT – Do not rub or scrub, you are just embedding the materials into your carpet.  Blot with a white towel to try to lift the substances out of your carpet.  Water can dilute the material, pour water over the substance and begin blotting over and over until you see the stain start to lift and go away.  BE PATIENT, work water gently into the area and blot.
  • Very Tough Stains – you can try a mixture of hot water and white vinegar,half and half.  Or you can also try club soda mixed with hot water.  Try these mixtures before trying carpet chemicals.
  • On Very Tough Stains – If the other mixtures do not work you can try a carpet cleaner.  WARNING some carpet cleansers are harmful to your carpet, you can look up safe products on the Carpet and Rug Institute website.  (IICRC) the website for that is


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