Carpet Color Repair

“Carpet receives the greater part of daily household abuse including pet stains, drink spills, food-stains, soil, sun-fade, bleach discolorations and a lot more. So before you chuck the old floor covering for a new one, consider an alternative that’s a lot easier on the pocket – professional color repair.

Carpet discolorations and stains can result from countless culprits such as acne medication, perfume, household bleach, insecticides, pet stains, coffee, plant foods, mustard furniture staining and more. Since the average “life” of a carpet is roughly 12 years, there’s bound to be some damage along the way. However, with the help of certified professionals, your aging carpet can gain extended life.

Certified color restoration technicians can perform for a variety of color repairs including those arising from:

  • Bleaching
  • Staining
  • Sun-fading
  • Pet stains and discoloration
  • Side-match correction
  • Traffic-related conditions, such as shading


According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 63 percent of U.S. households have a dog, cat or both. “Accidents” on carpet require quick cleanup to remove bacteria and odor. The cleantrust recommends these tips to maintain a clean and healthful home.

  • Extract the moisture. Place an inch-thick layer of paper towels on the area and place a color-fast, absorbent towel on top to absorb moisture. Leave it in place overnight.
  • Seal the floor underneath. Repeated accidents can lead to deep odor penetration into underlying concrete or wood. Treat under floors before installing new carpet. Thoroughly clean, disinfect and seal concrete floors. With wood floors, cut out and replace wood rot. Disinfect the stained area and apply wood sealer.
  • Enlist a certified professional. Without specialized chemicals and extraction equipment, pet owners may not be able to completely remove animal soiling from carpet. To remove stubborn odor and stains, the cleantrust recommends hiring qualified professionals for deep extraction cleaning and specialty stain removal.”

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